Ryan Braun shines as Milwaukee Brewers defeat Colorado Rockies 2-1 - MLB Update

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Ryan Braun shines as Milwaukee Brewers defeat Colorado Rockies 2-1 - MLB Update

Milwaukee Brewers’ left-fielder, Ryan Braun had an outstanding day with the bat as he hit a decisive walk-off homer in the 11th inning and went 1-for-5 in the Brewers’ 2-1 victory against the Colorado Rockies at Miller Park, Milwaukee on September
During the first three innings, the batters displayed a struggling performance with the bat and failed to score runs. Mark Ellis walked in the first inning but Dexter Fowler struck-out and Todd Helton ground out without taking any run. Carlos Gonzalez hit
a single-run drive towards right-field and Ellis moved to third base.
Similarly, Jordan Pacheco singled off left-field but Wilin Rosario and Esmil Rogers both struck-out swinging at the bottom of second inning. Helton walked during third inning but Ellis got out at home plate on ielder’s choice. Ellis stole third base and
Gonzalez stole second base when Troy Tulowitzki struck-out swinging.
In the fourth inning, Seth Smith added the first run for Rockies and gave them a 1-0 lead when Rosario drove a double-run shot to deep left-field. The pitchers controlled the fifth inning and did not give even a single run. Brewers’ starter, Zack Greinke
pitched five innings and struck-out nine batters with an ERA of 3.87. He permitted just two walks, one run, five hits and one earned run on his 116 pitches.
Braun said, “Tonight was not a pretty game, we didn't play well. It was nice to find a way a win. I don't think we really deserved that game. But good teams find a way to win games they shouldn't sometimes.”
Rockies’ manager, Jim Tracy said, “We gave a h**l of an effort against a very, very good baseball team with a lot at stake. What it simply boils down to is just a timely hit somewhere as that game was unfolding.”
At the bottom of sixth inning, Prince Fielder hit a solo homer towards centre-field to tie the game 1-1. The score-board remained level until the 10th inning as the batters struggled against the tricky throws of the pitchers. Nyjer Morgan walked
during the eighth inning but Braun flied out and Fielder struck-out without adding a tie-breaking run.
Brewers went ahead 2-1 at the bottom of 11th inning when Braun struck a decisive home-run towards centre-field. As a result, Brewers led off 1-0 in the two-game series against the Rockies at Milwaukee.



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