Cleveland Indians to add experience after good season

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Cleveland Indians to add experience after good season
Chris Antonetti, the General Manager (GM), has hinted at signing up good experienced players for the Cleveland Indians in the 2011 offseason and the aim is to get the club ready for the upcoming challenge in 2012. The GM told the press at the end of the
season that he would like to form a squad around a group of talented ball players and pit them in a bid for the World Series. One can observe that the club is looking for the right stars and the search will continue on beyond Sunday, October 30.
"We've transitioned from that developing team to a contending team," Indians general manager Chris Antonetti said. "Our sole focus is to do what we can to build around a very talented nucleus to put ourselves in a position to have a chance to play meaningful
games not only in September, but in October next year.
"That's what we'll set out to do this offseason."
The club has a rising list of stars in the squad. From shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera, right fielder Shin-Soo Choo, catcher Carlos Santana to second baseman Jason Kipnis, the Indians have the right mix of talent to pull the club to the top of the American League
Central again.
Ubaldo Jimenez, Justin Masterson and Josh Tomlin will likely head the rotation and that will provide the rising crop of stars to bloom in the short while. The club could add in a lot of depth to the rotation but they may be strained with financial woes.
Nevertheless, they are looking like the right club to build a team further.
The Indians have been doing well so far and after having a disappointing 2010 season, they finished on second place in the American League West, behind the Detroit Tigers.
"We made progress this year, but we need to improve in every area," Antonetti said.
With a good mix of new players, the club would hope to raise its game in the coming months. Players like C. C. Sabathia, C. J. Wilson and Albert Pujols may be a list of dream signings but there is a lot of faith to put in, as the offseason period kicks off.



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