Nikita Miller’s haul leads Jamaica to a title win – Cricket News Update

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The Providence venue saw its last Regional Super50 outing for the year, after Jamaica delivered an imposing 5 wickets rout to Trinidad &Tobago (T&T) on Saturday, October 29, 2011, at the tournament’s final match.
However, for the triumphant Jamaican Captain, had much to laud his side’s hyped bowling line-up, particularly, Nikita Miller, who bagged an imposing haul of 3 wickets, adding in a major contribution to the team’s eventual win on the tournament.
Miller’s stin
Much thanks to Russell, the speedster managed to offer an imposing blow at the T&T line-up, swiftly reducing the side to lose 2 quick wickets, before reaching the 10 overs mark.
As for Miller, the orthodox bowler was brought in as the first change on the Jamaican bowling line-up, and took no time to settle in after kicking off his haul with the first wicket of the day, dismissing two down batsman, in the 11th over of
the T&T innings.
On a well constructed delivery, Miller managed to mark Bravo’s off stump, forcing the player to make his long walk to the pavilion after batting a single run off 12 balls, leaving to accompany Captain Ganga.
Unfortunately for the newly formed pair, the Ganga brothers failed to settle into a partnership after Miller’s second blow parted the duo, sending the T&T Captain to make his return on a successful Leg before Wicket (LBW) appeal.
By now, T&T had already lost 4 wickets, but with Skipper Gayle taking charge of the bowling, the batting side crawled on to adding 2 more losses to their misery.
As part of his final damage on the T&T line-up,
Miller’s haul came out with 3 wickets, giving away 19 runs in 12 overs – making the 29-year-old, the pick of the Jamaican bowlers. 



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