Cleveland Indians’ Joe Smith shows optimism for better play next season – MLB News

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Cleveland Indians’ Joe Smith shows optimism for better play next season – MLB News
The Cleveland Indians’ experienced and talented pitcher Joe Smith is hoping for a great next Major League Baseball season. Recently, in Arizona playing in 2012 MLB Spring Training, he commented in the media and talked about his late efforts which certainly will prove beneficial for the franchise as well as for his own game in the coming event.
He spoke to the media with quite detail and explained about every aspect of his own and of his entire franchise’s game. He said, “Obviously, every year you want to get better. So there are things I want to work on. When I came up, they pretty much knew how I was going to be used.”
He also added in relation to New York Mets, from where he started off his career, “Maybe they thought it would help me, since I was only in the minors for 2 months. A lefty would step up there, and to me it was real awkward throwing to the right spot, because of all that space [in the right-handed batters box]. There used to be times when I wouldn’t see a left-hander for a week, so when I did it was a weird visual.”
Joe Smith is now entering in his sixth professional playing year. His past five years of experience has given him a significant place in the Indians roster with a career ERA average of 3.15 along with 204 strike-outs and 1.29 WHIP. On the other hand, his last season’s performance of 2.01 ERA along with 45 strike-outs and 1.09 WHIP has also made him one of the best performers of 2011 in the Indians roster.
Conversely, this is a healthy sign for the Indians as their one of the key players is shaping up early and potentially hoping for a better beginning next season. In the meanwhile, Smith’s hope to show the other teams more energy and force is a better strategic change of his own game-approach as well. However, the next Major League competition is going to be a tough struggle for the Indians while to qualify for the next round, the Indians will have to play like one unit.



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