Chris Antonetti feels Cleveland Indians must use free agency period to add more experience

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Chris Antonetti feels Cleveland Indians must use free agency period to add more experience
The Cleveland Indians played relatively well in 2011 Major League Baseball season as they finished second in American League Central behind Detroit Tigers. They played with full energy and won many games on just their ability to perform down the stretch.
This second place finish in the past season also gave Cleveland much confidence to excel further in the upcoming seasons as their entire top management is now thinking out of the box and planning to bring more experience in the team instead of just relying
on the current young roster.    
This off-season free agency-period can be vital for the Indians and this fact is also under consideration for general manager Chris Antonetti, who has mentioned in the media at the end of the season.
Antonetti said, “We made progress this year, but we need to improve in every area, offensively, defensively and on the mound, that will be our focus both with the guys that we have internally and anything we do externally.”     
With the 107th World Series won by the St. Louis Cardinals defeating the Texas Rangers, the MLB free agency period will start on Sunday where plenty of potential free agents ought to shop. The Indians’ management also knows as they do not have
any big players in the open market in this free agency period but they will try to go all the way to sign some promising and experienced players to strengthen their current roster.
However, the Indians’ management also admits to their financial limitations in this particular year and looking into this factor, the top Indians’ executives will certainly look for more trades than free agents in an effort to improve their roster. The 2012
MLB season will certainly be a task at hand for the Indians to find a classic way to build their team around experienced players for future successes.
It will be interesting to see which players the Indians focus on in the free agency and which players they might look at for a possible trade for a few more experienced campaigners.   



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