EPL News: Manchester United to sign Real Madrid’s Brazilian midfielder Kaka for plus £40m

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EPL News: Manchester United to sign Real Madrid’s Brazilian midfielder Kaka for plus £40m
Reports have confirmed that Manchester United are extremely interested in the signing of the world class Brazilian superstar Kaka.
The impudent move on Kaka, who is currently under contract with the Spanish giants Real Madrid, would shake the very foundations of football power and balance.
It has long since been speculated that the legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson desired to have the coveted player in his yard, and now reliable sources have at last confirmed that there is a very strong possibility that the 28-year-old
attacking midfielder might transfer to Old Trafford from Bernabeu.
With their prized striker Wayne Rooney about to leave the Red Devils after a disagreement with the Manchester club, it seems that the arrival of an exceptionally talented forward is due.
With the January transfer window approaching fast and the sale of England international Rooney looking more real than ever before, it has been confirmed that whatever funds that are extracted from the sale of the 24-year-old Rooney
will be put in to bring another player.
It will certainly be an audacious switch for the move for the Los Blancos player that could bring him back to form or destroy whatever chances are left of his comeback after the former AC Milan player had a terrible season in Spain.
The new manager of Real Madrid, 46-year-old Portuguese Jose Mourinho has already declared that he would not stop Kaka if he ever wanted to make a transfer, so the possibility of a transfer has increased tenfold.
Mourinho, who has arrived from San Siro where he managed Inter Milan, has discreetly mentioned that he has replaced the striker with the German prodigy Mesut Ozil, who was injured back then. Ozil has impressed onlookers with brilliant
form and that is the reason why he has been hired by the ‘Chosen One’.
Since Kaka’s admittance in the Spanish league La Liga during June of 2009, he has been hit by a constant stream of troubles and the string of worries has failed to break as yet.
Now that Manchester United’s reputation is at stake for not hiring the top guns in football, Ferguson, who probably has one of the biggest ego’s on Earth among men, will definitely pursue a highly sought player.
Ferguson will also be looking to avoid the embarrassing situation that Cristiano Ronaldo had created earlier when he went to Real Madrid for 80 million pounds. Previously, the Scotsman had just utilized a small amount of money
from the sale of the Portuguese and given the rest to clear off the debts of the club.
Now, however, Ferguson will be cashing in all possible chips so that he can get himself a starry possession that he can boast about on his mantelpiece when he finally decides to retire.
It is said that Kaka is also interested into a transfer to the English Premier League where he wishes to rejuvenate a somewhat fading career. Earlier this year, the World Player of the Year was forced to the sidelines after a long
term knee injury; now, however, it is said that the player will reach full recovery by January, and hence the timing seems chronically fit enough for a transfer.
There is also an Inter Milan and AC Milan conflict going on, which heads for a debate where the player can land from Spain so there is some possibility that the Italians might want the player back in the Italian League, Serie A.
Whatever the deal might be, it is expected that the forward would be worth no less than 40 million pounds and just an approximate for the Brazilian player would be around 50 million pounds.



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