Australia overwhelm Brazil in water polo event: Day two – 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs, Melbourne

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Australia overwhelm Brazil in water polo event: Day two – 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs, Melbourne
Australian water polo squad overwhelmed the efforts of Brazilian team to capture a comfortable win in their second match of qualifying round on day two of the 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs, on Monday, January 9 at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.
The Australian veterans outperformed their opponents with a remarkable difference of 12 goals. Australia scored an incredible score of 17 against Brazil’s score of 5 goals and now stands on the second best place at the overall rankings.
With their implausible efforts, the Australians served notice of their talent in the first quarter and stroke four goals against Brazil. Unlike their competitors, the Brazilian failed to put on a great show and they scored only one goal.
In the next quarter, Australian athletes demonstrated their breath-taking performances and overpowered their opponents in the second round. With their persistent efforts, they extended their lead to nine goals by achieving seven goals in the next round. The Brazilians failed to withstand furious efforts of their opponent and were able to score just one goal.
The game was comparatively slower in the third quarter, where Australian squad yet again proved their supremacy by accomplishing three goals. This time, the Brazilian team showed some improvement as they hit two goals in third round. After the third quarter, the Australians remained at a significant lead of 14-4 over Brazilians.
The Brazilians tried to fought back in the final round but the failed to achieve so. The Australian team continued its reign and secured three goals whereas the brazilian squad managed to score one goal only.This led the score be 17-5, with Australia in a comfortable lead of twelve goals.
Their tremendous win in the second match played a vital role in placing them on second position at the overall rankings table. The crowd applauded for forceful efforts of both teams as they tried hard to overcome each other’s effort.
In addition, after their prominent win in second game Australia is now listed to contend with Canada and the crowd could not wait to see which team will win the next game.



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