Barbarians beat New Zealand in water polo game: Day four – 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs, Melbourne

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Barbarians beat New Zealand in water polo game: Day four – 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs, Melbourne
The Australian Barbarians have demonstrated their extraordinary skills by beating New Zealand in their fourth bout of water polo game on day four of the 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, on Wednesday, January 11.
The Barbarians, who lost initial two matches but made their way to victory in the third game, have now proved their commitment to their fans as they celebrated their notable victory against New Zealand in the fourth match.
Unfortunately, the Kiwis failed to show any advancement in their game and lost their fifth game from the Barbarians with a considerable difference of sixteen goals. As the score speaks for itself, the match was nothing more, but a one-sided match. The Barbarians
showed no mercy to their opponents and grabbed the victory with a commendable 17-1 effort.
The Kiwis remained helpless from the start of the game, where the Barbarians kept control over the ball, scoring goal after goal in the first quarter. They scored three goals in the first round, while their opponent failed to show any movement on their scorecard.
The same happened in the second quarter, where New Zealanders remained at nil while the barbarians accomplished three goals yet again and the halftime concluded with a score of 6-0.
With their unimaginable dominance against New Zealand’s national team, the Barbarians thrived in third quarter and succeeded in scoring four goals. This time, their opponent went lucky and managed to score their first goal of the match, making the score
10-1 after third round.
Unlike any other quarter of the game, the Barbarians accelerated their efforts in the fourth quarter of the match, scoring seven goals and leaving no chance for their opponent to fight back. Once again, New Zealand failed to post any goal and the match concluded
with a clear victory of Barbarians.
With their laudable efforts and second win of the tournament, the Barbarians have now reached fourth spot on the overall rankings list. They are now set to compete with Japan in their fifth match and if they succeed with a great deal of goals, they will
have a good chance of taking over China for the third spot on the list.



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