Australian Barbarians defeat Japan in water polo game: Day five – 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs, Melbourne

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Australian Barbarians defeat Japan in water polo game: Day five – 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs, Melbourne
Australian Barbarians defeated Japan in their fifth water polo game on day five of the 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC), on Thursday, January 12.
This was Barbarians’ third win of the tournament, where they have played five water polo matches so far. Nevertheless, it was not an easy win for them, but they claimed victory by scoring three additional goals. The Barbarians took over Japan with an 11-8
win in the four-quarter game.
The match started on the wrong foot for Japanese, who tried real hard to take possession of the ball, but failed to do so. Their efforts were overwhelmed by Barbarians, who kept on adding goals to their scorecard and the first quarter concluded with 4-0,
Japan being at 0.
The Japanese enhanced their struggle in the subsequent quarter, where they stunned Barbarians by scoring four consecutive goals. On the other hand, Barbarians answered their scintillating effort by accomplishing three goals, securing their place for the
victory after half time. The first half ended with a tight leash of 7-4.
The third quarter saw the Japanese taking control over the ball and they notched up two goals while the Barbarians were able to score a single goal only. Nevertheless of their unexpected performance, the Barbarians managed to stay in strong position, as
the round concluded with their 8-6 lead against the Japanese squad.
With everything dependant on the final round, the Japanese had to score two additional goals to overpower their competitors. Just after the start of fourth quarter, the Japanese scored their seventh goal, bringing the score to 8-8. After that, the arena
witnessed a remarkable effort of Barbarians, who scored three consecutive goals and overwhelmed their challengers with a lead of three goals.
The Barbarians are all set to compete with the USA’s national squad in their sixth match of the tournament. In addition, the American squad has remained undefeated in the tournament so far. The Barbarians will have to double their efforts in the next game,
if they want to improve their position on the overall points table.



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