Arsene Wenger impressed by Oxlade-Chamberlain

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Arsenal’s manager, Arsene Wenger has admitted that he was impressed with the way Oxlade-Chamberlain played against AC Milan and believes the attacker has a bright future ahead of him.
The Gunners took on AC Milan in the second leg of their Champions League tie, following a four goals to nil thrashing in the first leg.
The team went on to open the scoring as Koscielny headed in a Chamberlain corner early on. Rosicky then went on to double the Gunners lead.
Chamberlain went on to make a mazy run into the box and was hacked down by the Milan defenders. As a result, the Gunners were awarded a penalty, which converted with ease.
However, failed to score again in the second half and lost out by four goals to three in the end.
Despite the loss, the Gunners have a lot of positives to take from the game. The team showed just what they were capable of, while Chamberlain proved that he could play in just about any game right now and didn’t need time to develop.
Wenger admitted that Chamberlain wasn’t feeling too good before the game, but they opted to play him any way since they knew the youngster would be crucial to the team.
The Gunners boss is quoted to have said: "He [Oxlade-Chamberlain] was sick last night and we were not sure that he could play”
He then went on to admit that the team was out of
midfielders due to injuries, but was glad that the likes of Chamberlain and Song were able to play for such an extended period of time. "We had no midfielders at all on the bench and we suffered a bit, when we got tired in the second half, to keep the
ball and get them more fatigued"
"We knew we had given a lot and had some players who are not used to playing at that level in midfield, like Oxlade-Chamberlain.”
The Frenchman then applauded his team’s performance on the whole, as he admitted that they gave it their all, but it was still disappointing to see them go out the way they did.
"Overall, we have given everything and that's all you can do at the top level. Give everything, and afterwards you can accept the result even if it's a disappointing one."



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