Attilio Tesser delighted with his move back to Novara: Serie A News

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In a surprising turn of events, the Biancoazzurri have turned back to the coach they fired a month ago; sacking Emiliano Mondonico in the process.
Football can be an extremely fickle sport, and your accomplishments count for nothing if you fail to perform consistently in your performances. This can be seen from the recent incident involving Esteban
Cambiasso, who was jeered by the fan’s when he was substituted in the game against Catania.
Attilio Tesser went through the same last month, when his endeavours for the Novara cause were overlooked when the board decided to sack him. The Novara side got promoted to the Serie A after 55 years under
Tesser’s management, but a few bad results culminated in him getting sacked.
However, the Italian is not disappointed, and is happy to be back. He had an interview with Radio Calciomercato, where he remarked:
“It is a pleasure to return. Now we just have to get to work and recharge our batteries for an important end to the season. I do feel at home in this club, as I had two and a half very intense years and have
an excellent rapport with both club and city.”
Tesser’s appointment was preceded by the dismissal of Emiliano Mondonico, and club Sporting Director, Mauro Perderzoli.
When quizzed over the dismissal of the director, Tesser stated that he does not know the reason behind the dismissal due to his absence from the club.
The Biancoazzurri coach admits that the situation at the club is difficult, but he is hopeful that his team can turn the tables. Novara are not in the healthiest of positions to stay in the Serie A, and are
12 points away from safety, with same number of games remaining in the season.
The coach commented:
“I believe Novara can achieve safety, otherwise it would be pointless for me to return here. I know it’s difficult, but it is our duty to keep believing and taking it one game at a time.”
The former Ascoli manager was recently awarded the Serie B Coach of the Year award, and the coach has admitted that it is a big confidence booster for him.



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