Whatshallwedo expected to stamp the Read Nicholls And Mccain On Betfair Handicap Chase at Fontwell

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Whatshallwedo expected to stamp the Read Nicholls And Mccain On Betfair Handicap Chase at Fontwell

Fontwell is to stage The Class 5 Read Nicholls And Mccain On Betfair Handicap Chase over two miles and two furlongs on Wednesday, 7th March. The race has a £1, 819 purse that will be presented to the winner among the lineup of seven runners.
Among the lineup, perhaps the most credible entry is Whatshallwedo, Zindabad’s seven-year-old bay gelding out of mare Key West, has ventured out twice during the new season. Despite being exposed to two chances, the seven-year-old remained deprived of victory.
On 4th January, Whatshallwedo was the 4/7 favourite third position holder in the Happy New Year From Southwell Handicap Hurdle at Southwell over two miles. Johnny Owen won the race while riding with Paddy Brennan and was in lead of a mind blowing
nineteen lengths.
Following behind the leading pair on the other end of the wire was Strathaird, finishing second.
Whatshallwedo’s second start was in the No Risk With Betangel Practice Mode Novices’ Handicap Chase on 15th February at Southwell over two miles. Instead of moving higher with the rankings, Whatshallwedo got pulled down to the fourth position
on the track of eleven.
Esteem was the 7/2 favourite winner of the race with Andrew Glassonbury riding and the two had eleven lengths in their favour.
The runner up was Strathaird and settling third was Sablazo.
Whatshallwedo came out of the previous season with two wins under his belt from the last two starts that he made thus yet another chance to capture a race is anything but fair.
If his third outing gifts him with a win or he gets sucked down further on the rankings will become news soon.
Chestnut Ben, Ridgewood Ben’s seven-year-old chestnut gelding out of mare Betseale, did get entered in his seasonal debut, the Haygain Hay Steamers - Clean Healthy Hay Handicap Chase on 22nd January at Towcester over two miles and half  a furlong.
Being unfortunate, Chestnut Ben did not get to continue racing after knocking down his ride, Joshua Moore.
His last three races of 2011 do indicate potential and possibility that Chestnut Ben can perform and at least get placed in the second start of the season.
Chestnut Ben’s record only has two career victories on it and it is high time that a third one finds its place in.
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