Anyone know an AFFORDABLE wedding photographer in Maryland?

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Baltimore or Suburban DC areas are fine. THANKS!




  1. i am going with The pros my girl friend used thm and i like that i get all the pics . I am getting the dj photos & video for $1995.00.  I am in Baltimore county

  2. We are located in Northern Virginia and we are very affordable.

  3. all you have to do is hire someone that you trust to be responsible to take photos. they can use a digital camera.  

  4. Im a teen photographer who did my uncles wedding for free. But im in cali. I would suggest google.

  5. I don't live in MD so I don't know. But at my wedding I picked about 4 wedding guests that I knew had digital cameras and placed them in certain areas for the cermony. Afterwards I supplied blank cd's for them and any one else to burn the pictures. I got moments that I didn't think would get captured. I had at least a thousand photos and it took a few days to go through them all. It cost me at most $20.00. I burned more cd's and passed it on to other friends and family. It was better than getting a photgrapher.

  6. i'm a photographer and travel

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