1 Year anniversary ideas?!?!?

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my one year anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up in like a month and 2 days, I can't think of anything to do though, It's a really big thing for us,because It's the longest relationship either of us have ever had! So does anyone have any ideas on something we could do??

I know we want to go out, not stay home.Thank you




  1. Go out to a nice dinner, enjoy the company of one another.

    Afterward (or before) catch a movie or catch a play.


    I just wanted to comment to Heatherrrrrrrr's  post (above me)

    I was 15 when I met him and 16 when we started dating, he was 26 when we started dating. 5.5 years later we are planning our wedding. Things don't ALWAYS turn out that way.

    I am sorry you had a crappy deal with your being broken, but don't rain on the girls parade.

  2. Is he into sport? Take him to see his favourite team?

    Need to know what he's like & what he likes to help

    More information?

  3. Save up some money and go to a fancy restaurant.  You will have a good time dressing up and treated to a great meal.  It will be fun to experience a nice dining cuisine.  You can also rent a cute movie and have some cuddle time.

  4. You are 15 and he is 17. The guy I dated when I was 15 ended up breaking my heart. We dated 9 months. I wouldn't go hog wild with it. Just a card and maybe go out to dinner and a movie. He will probably not be your bf in a few years. They usually never are. Sorry but it is the truth.  

  5. We went out west and panned for gold, it was something neither of us had done and we learned more about each other that week than the first year we lived together.

    We discovered we both had very creative natures.

  6. How about going to a bed & breakfast? You could stay a couple of nights for under $200. Then see the local sites during the day.  I don't know where you live, but in one month the weather should still be good for things like hiking and swimming.

    Oh I didn't know you were that young. Save this suggestion for a few years!

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