Cantcatch Tarbay well prepared for Stan James Bookmakers Stakes at Oxford

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Cantcatch Tarbay well prepared for Stan James Bookmakers Stakes at Oxford
Dustysmatejack is currently heading the betting card for Stan James Bookmakers Stakes, taking pace at Oxford on Sunday, April 29, 2012. Yet, Cantcatch Tarbay seems to be the most intriguing candidate and one can easily expect
him to cause an upset.
The 450 metres Grade A6 heat is scheduled to start at 17:44 GMT. Among the confirmed entries are: Dustysmatejack, Crossness, Cantcatch Tarbay, Slashers Dasher, Yeneed Spirit and Higher Land.
Cantcatch Tarbay comes very much into the equation at this level. The brindle dog ended up third in both of his previous races. However, the punters do not need much of a memory to recall his last success.
At the end of last month, he defeated Robeen Bound by a head’s margin. In the second half of March, the dashing hound clinched two emphatic wins, but the ongoing month is yet to see him bagging the winning cheque. It is an ideal
chance for him to register a win and step into the next month with high spirits.
Crossness needs plenty of luck to break the shackles. In each of her previous three races, the black and white b***h finished third on the table. It would not be wrong to say that a few others boast stronger profiles.
Higher Land is in poor form these days. In his most recent outing, the white and black dog got bumped at the first bend and as a result, completed the order of finish.
Dustysmatejack is an interesting candidate. The white and black hound is in bad form these days. However, today’s line-up is slightly weaker than he faced last time out. Therefore, the bookmakers are rating him highly, hoping
that the hound would turn things around.
Yeneed Spirit recently clinched two consecutive races, but lost his rhythm afterwards. In mid April, the black dog finished last on the table. An ordinary show would have dented his confidence terribly and thus, his chances
don’t hit us in the face.
According to our predictions, Cantcatch Tarbay has the highest chance of winning. Dustysmatejack cannot be ruled out of the equation, as he is expected to regain his momentum.
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