AC Milan plan World domination, De Boer regrets Urby Emanuelson’s Milan transfer

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AC Milan plan World domination; De Boer regrets Urby Emanuelson’s Milan transfer
A surprising press release has arrived from the manager of Dutch footballing giants, Ajax, Frank de Boer regarding his just transferred player to AC Milan Urby Emanuelson.
The news has found him regretting the transfer as coach Frank de Boer declared his desire for the player to remain in contract with Ajax till summer this season.
It’s too late for that now as pressure from board and the money arriving from Red and Black part of San Siro was enough to blind the manager and board long enough to steak their prized possession.
Just a while ago, Frank de Boer claimed his regret in letting the player go, admitting he was an asset for the club but was also Milan-bound. himself had also desired to make a move into Rossoneri hence there was very little the manager could
have done.
News confirming the official transfer of 24-year-old left winger flew in just today. Sources have revealed that AC Milan have paid a reasonable amount for the player in buying out the remaining 6 months he had in contract with Ajax.
Since the past few weeks, the Eredivisie club had engaged in negotiations with Italian footballing powerhouse. Many pundits and football experts had already asked to place money on the signing which occured yesterday. It seems like they were right after
all. Nonetheless, this won’t be much of a prediction as news about the transfer had earlier leaked all over the market.

The manager of Dutch outfit Ajax Frank de Boer stated in the press conference of his desire in keeping his star at the club, “I would have liked to have kept him until the end of the season, but Urby wanted to go immediately.”

Regretting the loss he made sure that he did not sound as if he was  too attached to the player and immediately resonated that the club can indeed cope without him, “That's the end of it. We have good talents coming through but some of them need another half
a year. But because players leave we have a thinner squad. We just need to look at how we deal with this.”

Emanuelson who was born in Amsterdam will be joining countryman in the Serie A table. At the moment AC Milan are leading the Italian table having shown spectacular form this season.

On his admittance into AC Milan, Emanuelson commented, “It was a magical moment. The day after our game against, I was sitting around the table with Milan's management.”

He also informed that he was looking forward to the interaction and advice he will receive from legendary striker Seedorf, “I didn't get home until midnight and I couldn't sleep. I've spoken to Clarence, and he's waiting for me in Milan.”
With the arrival of Emanuelson at Rossoneri in January’s soon to close transfer window the strength of AC Milan has grown by leaps and bounds. With the added services of, AC Milan
has rejuvenated as one of the biggest powerhouse of football.
It is expected AC Milan will have to counter the Leonardo-led Milan in Serie A for competition while in Champions League they will have to face the wrath of top notch English underdogs Tottenham Hotspurs on 16th February in Champions League.
Spurs have already defeated defending Champions Nerazzurri earlier; hence after defeating Inter, they will have set their eyes on the other part of San Siro. Milan obviously have strengthened as a unit, therefore a tough competition is expected.



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