Pakistan cricket: Manager, Intikhab Alam supports his team’s performance on the last day

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Pakistan cricket: Manager, Intikhab Alam supports his team's performance on the last day
Manager of the Pakistan cricket team, Intikhab Alam has supported the way his team played on the final day of the Test.
Alam was of the view that the defensive approach adopted by the team was the right thing to do. Alam disagreed with the critics who suggested that Misbah was too cautious and the match could have easily been won by had the team showed a more aggressive
He said, "Winning the series was our top priority so the cautious strategy was key".
Pakistan, on the last day of the second and final Test match of the series, needed to score 274 runs to win, but, after losing early wickets, they were forced to go for a draw instead of a win.
The team manager was all praises for the newly appointed Test skipper, Misbah. The manager reiterated that it was Misbah's superior insight that helped Pakistan clinch a Test series after four years.
"The players all conducted themselves with care, but the captain's performance was simply exemplary”, Alam asserted.
Intikhab, who played for Pakistan from 1959 to 1977, believed that the young players worked together and paid heed to the instructions of the team coach, Waqar Younis and skipper, Misbah, and that was why they triumphed.
Alam was the head coach last year in May, during Pakistan's devastating tour of, where they couldn't win a single game. In the meeting with the Board after the tour, Alam said, "I felt that they are mentally retarded people. There is a mental problem
with our players. They don't know how to wear their clothes and how to talk in a civilized manner". After that, Alam was replaced by Waqar as the national coach of Pakistan.
His opinion certainly seems to have changed regarding the national team. The manager hoped that this victory would help them prepare for next month's World Cup in the Subcontinent. Alam, while talking to the media, also stressed the need to win the upcoming
six-match ODI series against that will be starting from 22nd January.



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