Best Holiday Gifts Under $20 for newborn Babies with Head Control and Supported Sitters

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Best Holiday Gifts Under $20 for newborn Babies with Head Control and Supported Sitteers?
As babies leave the newborn stage, they become more alert and active. When laid on their tummies they can lift their head, opening up new possibilities for play. Babies at this stage benefit from "tummy time" spent on the floor practicing head control. Play mats and gyms will entertain a baby and encourage him to explore.
The Infantino Happy Hippo Gym, available at Amazon ( and in Toys 'R' Us stores for $16.99, offers many play opportunities for 3-6 month old babies. The colorful hippo-shaped mat will catch the baby's interest while on his tummy and the attached play bar will inspire him to exercise him arms and legs while he bats at the flower, bee, and mirror toys. The Gym zips closed for easy travel.

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  1. Anthony

    The Baby Whoozit, available for $9.99 at Toys 'R' Us stores and online at Amazon, is a bizarre-looking but extremely entertaining toy for babies that are starting to explore their surroundings. The Baby Whoozit is a smiling, plush face with other plush shapes attached to it. The different shapes and appendages make different noises when shaken, allowing baby to use more of his senses.

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