Unknown bump on newborn baby's head?

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My sister just had a little girl five days ago. Tonight we were holding her and felt a small, hard bump (about a cm or so) located near the ridge of her soft spot on her skull (towards the back & right side of the head). She has been pretty much held through the day hours (by someone or another) and we KNOW she hasn't even come close to bumping or hitting ANYthing with her head... and we KNOW that bump wasn't there earlier on (since we've all been holding, feeling & coddling her so much).

Does anyone have ANY experience with this and/or could give me a hint as to what it could be? Obviously, it has us a little worried, but with no other obvious "symptoms", we're waiting until morning to call the pediatrician. But if anyone has any insight before-hand, it'd be greatly appreciated!!





  1. prob just the bones of her skull since they don't fuse together until later on...sure it's nothing to worry about but a call to the dr wouldn't hurt

  2. That's normal. Since the baby's skull is still soft when he/she is born out of the mother it could take that form at first. Once the baby's body normalizes it starts to take form and the skull and head will grow normal. Hope that helps. I learned that from on old friend and her baby.

  3. You know that when a baby is born, the skull is in pieces. It might be the bump you are feeling is just two of those pieces pushed together. Keep an eye on it, and see if it goes away in a couple of days. If not, you can show the doctor at the next checkup.

      Since it sounds like there are no other problems, I'd say it's just those bones, and nothing to worry about. If the baby starts to cry uncontrollably, or there are any other problems, see a doctor.

  4. This could be a mild deformity in the bone from birth that will flatten out in a few weeks but it should be checked by the doctor anyway just to be on the safe side

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