Zulqarnain Haider inspired by Soap Operas

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Zulqarnain Haider inspired by Soap Operas
Runaway wicketkeeper, Zulqarnain Haider said that a TV channel (Star Plus) helped him during his asylum time in Britain.
He returned to Pakistan on April 25, 2011, after spending more than 4 months in Britain in temporary exile. Haider fled to Britain on November 8, 2010 after receiving death threats from bookies for not fixing the fourth One Day International (ODI) against in Abu Dhabi.
Zulqarnain took retirement from International cricket and also arranged a number of press conferences in London requesting the Government of to provide security to his family members.
He returned home only after getting safety assurances for him and his family members from Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik.
Now that the chickens have come home to roost, reporters are interested in knowing how the born wicketkeeper spent his time in London. One was expecting that Mr. Gutsy would say that he formulated different plans for his next press conferences, but
what came out of his mouth was totally surprising. He said “watching my family channel, Star Plus”.
Reporters were shocked, as it is strange for an individual, who was claiming to be in danger, to be enjoying soap operas and watching one of the most viewed drama channels in Asia.
There is a saying about soap operas that if you are in a soap opera, try not to get the worst role. Unfortunately for our brave wicketkeeper, he got the role of a person, who is running away from his past.   
As Haider is a hardcore fan of soaps, he saw as a tyrant landlord, who is not ready to help the poor masses at any cost.  
The 25 year old further explained that “The programs were simply educational and they constantly provided me with loads of motivation to deal with the bookie matter. Drama’s like Saas bhi kabhi bhao thi (the mother in law was once like the daughter in law),
gave me detailed knowledge about the cruelties of the world and taught me how to stand tall in the face of evil”.
He went on to say that he developed the perfect dressing sense from this drama and vowed to follow the same dressing style during his press conferences. Indeed, it was noticed during his press conferences that Zulqarnain carefully varied his wardrobe at
each press conference and did not wear the same thing twice, as repeating your wardrobe is considered “abshugan” (bad luck) within soap operas.
He also followed “Kahani ghar ghar ki” (the tale of every house) in a detailed manner and tried to copy a story line from this drama in his press conferences, where a hero and side heroes have a habit of reappearing after every season.
He copied another aspect from these soap operas, the “Stills”. Stills are the ultimate factor within these dramas and make a particular scene look more exciting and meaningful for the audience. He explained “I gave such beautiful stills during the press
conferences that I started asking myself a question, why did I not opt for a career in Lollywood ”? (wishful thinking)
The stills gave more meaning to his sentences, as he used to turn his head slowly towards the reporter and while maintaining eye to eye contact, he used to say “I am in danger...”.
Another major attribute, which the runaway wicketkeeper copied from these time saving soap operas, was his walking style. Soap opera actors walk like “Tigers” and maintain a swagger of a Lion.
Overall, one thing is for certain, Zulqarnain Haider, is one individual, who has the capability, potential, and, talent to become an exceptional actor in Pakistani soap operas.
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