Norbert Haug: cross fingers on Mercedes’ performance in Turkish GP – Formula 1

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Norbert Haug: cross fingers on Mercedes’ performance in Turkish GP – Formula 1
Mercedes Boss, Norbert Haug, has commented that the team’s performance in Turkey cannot be promised to be similar as its performance in the Chinese Grand Prix. Haug said that although the Chinese Grand Prix was not a fluke for Mercedes team, the speed of
the car is still to be fixed.
Putting seven times world champion, Michael Schumacher, in the team with Nico Rosberg, Mercedes team was insured of having some good races in the 2011 season which has not come true as yet. The car, MGP-W02, was not up to mark, thereby compromising the name
and fame of German duo, Schumi and Nico.
However, Chinese Grand Prix was somewhat a healthy picture for the team because Nico showed competitiveness from the start of the race and remained the race leader for a considerable period before losing his position to Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel and later
in the final few laps to Mark Webber.
Nico had a critical fuel situation in the final few laps of the race after which he gave up the hope of a podium finish which was around the corner for him. Schumi also showed good speed in Shanghai and finished eighth.
Haug commented that the pace of the car in China was not a fluke. “The performance in China was genuine. Saying that, the China track is not a night and day difference from Malaysia. Straight line performance accounts for a similar amount at both tracks”,
stated Haug. He added that the same performance in the Turkish Grand Prix is not guaranteed unless the reliability issues are taken care of.
Haug emphasized on using the Pirelli tyres in the right way to maximize the potential of the car. He further assured that the rear wing problems of the team will be taken care of in Turkey.
“We had problems with the rear wing flap, but mainly we have sorted them out. We have a different system, but it is a clever system if it works - and we made it work in China”, commented Haug.
Mercedes team sit fifth in the constructor’s table with 15 points and a best of fifth place finish, which Nico earned in the previous race.



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