Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, Utah Jazz and Dallas Mavericks win: NBA roundup April - 12 (Part-2)

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Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, Utah Jazz and Dallas Mavericks win: NBA roundup April - 12 (Part-2)
Cleveland Cavaliers take over the Detroit Pistons, 110-101
Playing at the Palace of Auburn Hills, the resurgent Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Detroit Pistons, 110-101 on Monday night.
Piston started the game with a big first period, scoring 33 points and leading by ten. But, they failed to capitalize on that as the Cavaliers came back in the game with a 33-24 second quarter.
The Cavaliers erupted in the third quarter and outscored the Pistons, 33-18, to effectively pull away with the game.
J.J. Hickson scored team high 20 points and eleven rebounds for the Cavaliers, while Daniel Gibson and Ramon Sessions scored 17 points each from the bench.
For the Pistons, Rodney Stuckey scored game high 29 points along with 14 assists.
Milwaukee Bucks defeat the Toronto Raptors by 93-86.
Milwaukee Bucks won their second straight game at home as they defeated the Toronto Raptors, 93-86, on Monday night at Bradley Center. John Salmons was terrific on the night and scored a game
high 24 points along with seven rebounds. Brandon Jennings added 21 points with six rebounds while Drew Gooden contributed 19 points and eleven rebounds.
For the Raptors, Joey Dorsey gathered a game-high 20 rebounds and also chipped in with ten points. Jerryd Bayless added a team- high 20 points.
Raptors started the game positively scoring 33-25 in the first quarter but, they lost the plot in the second period. The Buck took over the game from that point onward and carved out a seven
point win.
Utah Jazz stun the New Orleans Hornets, 90-78.
After losing two games in a row, the Utah Jazz defeated the New Orleans Hornets by 90-78 on Monday night.
C.J. Miles and Devin Harris both scored 18 points each for the Jazz while Paul Millsap added 16 point along with six rebounds. Gordon Hayward also scored 14 points. Except Chris Paul; no one
had big numbers for the Hornets. Paul scored a team-high 15 points along with five rebounds and five assists.
After taking an eight point lead in the first half, Jazz controlled the game comprehensively and never allowed the Hornets within striking distance.  
Dallas Mavericks beat the Houston Rockets in over time
Dallas Mavericks won their third straight game as they took over the Houston Rockets, 98-91, in overtime on Monday night at Toyota Center.
Dirk Nowitzki scored 23 points along with 12 rebounds while Shawn Marion and Jason Terry both scored 21 points.
For the Rockets, Kevin Martin played terrifically, scoring a game-high 28 points. Rockets had an upper hand at the start of the game and led the game by four points at the end of the first
half. The see-saw battle continued in the second and third periods as the Rockets hung on to a four point lead. But, in the final quarter the Dallas made a timely surge and tied the game by out-scoring the home team, 19-15.
In the overtime Terry and Nowitzki put couple of baskets early, which effectively took the Dallas over the Rockets.



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