You know when ur stomach rly hurts cuz...??

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u eat to much

yeah how do u make tht go away fast?

besides antacids.




  1. This may sound insane but,

    Mint leaves ground up help a lot!

    Also mint tables exclusively for stomach aches are available at Indian stores. Just ask around.  

  2. it some fruit or drink some fruit juice,, oranges work best, this will make you need a poo. don't eat too many or you will have the runs xx

  3. Something fizzy 2 open ur stomach up a bit, Burp loads!!!!

  4. Sitting in a hot tub works. I suppose a bath would work too.  

  5. u take a c**p

  6. Just laying down on the bed watching tv.  isn't it the worst feeling in the world!?

  7. water, soda that makes you burp ie sprite, 7 up, seirra mist

  8. tums?

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