How to befriend 15 y/o boys

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I'm a pretty shy girl. I don't really have any male friends. I am pretty and smart, so some people wonder whats wrong with me because I never have a boyfriend. They think it would help build me into a stonger person. So how can a make friends with guys this school year?




  1. Maybe when there's group projects, be more social. Be friendly with people and they'll return it. Also, I'm assuming your only fifteen too. You don't need a boyfriend to be happy or just cause people think you need one. My brother is 28 and still hasn't been with anyone yet. So just take your time, enjoy life, and wait to fall in love. Don't force it.

  2. just hang out with them.

    go up to someone and introduce our self or do something stupid, guys always think that's funny.

    just don't try to be one of the guys, or you'll never get a boy friend

  3. I think it makes you a stronger person not to have a boyfriend becaus ethen you arnt giving into peer pressure or getting pregnant really young.  

  4. There is NOTHING "wrong" with you for not having a boyfriend at 15, and whoever would say such a thing has a rather unhealthy attitude towards boy/girl relationships at this age. Good heavens, is this a version of "what does not kill you makes you stronger"?!  Boy/girl relationships at this age are often a matter of extremely superficial factors -- he likes her long blonde hair, she likes his muscles, he likes her sense of humor, she likes the fact that he plays basketball, etc., etc.  In fact, I think it is MORE difficult for a smarter girl to enter into a romantic boy/girl relationships at this age, because they ARE smart -- too smart to buy the lines the boys are throwing at them, and too smart to lower themselves to keep the guys from feeling threatened by their brains.

    However, if you just want to be friends and figure out how the other s*x thinks (good luck with THAT!), then the best way is to simply hang around them.  You may have to make the first move -- i.e., ask them easy questions, ask them about their weekend, ask them about their classes, if the teacher is different from yours, etc.  Let them know that you are approachable and are interested in them.  The most popular people have a knack for making other people feel important and worthwhile -- people just like being around people that make them feel good!  Don't push it, though -- just keep trying, with different guys.  Sooner or later, one of them will respond back, and the next thing you know, you have a pal.

  5. Okay, I'll let you know right now, being friends with guys isn't going to get you a boyfriend. It'll get you some pretty cool friends and nice people to hang around with, but you'll run into a different problem. It'll get you into the problem that if you start to like one of them, then they won't like you back, they won't see you that way.

    But, if you really are interested in having friends that are guys, I can help you. None of my friends have guy friends, but I have more guy friends than I do girl friends.

    One thing that's important is be able to laugh at yourself. That's the biggest difference I've noticed between guys and girls. Guys take everything lightly and joke around, girls take everything personally and get offended. So make sure you know how to do that.

    I know that I'm going into a new school, and the way I approach people and say "Hey, I'm trying to learn names, what's yours?" it starts conversation. Then you can start asking "Oh, cool, I'm _______. So, (Here, if you're in a club, ask them what they do in it, like if you're in marching band ask what section they're in, if you're not, ask something like "Have you heard of Mr. Roberts for a teacher? I have him for Social Studies and have NO idea what to expect." If they don't, then you just go "Oh, alright. So, who do you have for Social Studies?" and the conversation goes here)" This works for both guys and girls.

    Another great thing to do, is find out what they're interested in, or what sports or something they're in and ASK THEM ABOUT IT. People LOVE talking about themselves. It's most peoples favorite subject, so ask them about their sport. If you know a bit about it ask them to re-explain it to you and make up some reason you don't understand it. If you don't get it at all, ask them why they like and ask them what the rules are. That's just a great way to get people talking. Smile as well, if you smile while you listen, people think you're interested. If you have to go then you say something like "Oh, I gotta go, I'll see you later, Josh, right?" or whatever name it is.

    As well with asking them about stuff, a lot of guys are really into one thing. And if you ask them to talk about, they'll go on and on about it. If it's really what they're into. And if you show that you're interested too, then they'll think you're cool. Especially if you can relate to it, whether it be music, or say something like "Oh yeah, I heard about that game, I couldn't watch all of it though, who won?" or even if it's something really simple, being relatable is something that generally makes people like you more as a person. Most of these tips will work in general for making friends, regardless of gender.

    But overall, don't feel the need to get a boyfriend. Chances are you'll break up quickly like a lot of high school relationships do. Just wait, if someone really likes you for who you are, then it'll probably be better than trying to change yourself for them. Focus on just friends, whether they're guys or girls. Guys are great to laugh with and joke around with. Plus, they'll probably tell it to you straight. And girls are good for hanging out with and talking about things that would be too much information for any guy to talk about. Just don't worry about relationships, it's not that important. Even if it feels like that.

    Hope I helped,


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