Any advice for Jr. High?? I'm a little scared....

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Anything I should know or do??





  1. im going into 8th grade after summer   its not that scary, STAY AWAY FROM DRAMA  i made that mistake in 7th   just have fun   it a pretty cool place  and   dont mess with the big kids cuz they WILL hurt you    i've been in plenty of fight (i usually won)   but if ur going into 6th grade you will be the smallest one   stay in your own group and remember to act mature cuz ur not a lil kidd anymore

  2. Staying organized is one of the most important things because you are changing classes. Don't worry the first year of middle school is fairly easy. It'll go by in a flash.

  3. Middle school is honestly a piece of cake.

    Just stay organized, make sure you do all your work to the best of your ability, and try not to be absent a lot.

    Be yourself and don't get caught up in any type of drama.  

  4. my son has the same problem is starting 7th grade sep 2 time flys


    his cousin told him not to woory and things and everything will be ok just wait time flys before you know you be graduating it makes me want to cry

    stay out of trouble and be your self and you be fine

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