US Women’s Open 2012: Yani Tseng all set to battle rivals for major title

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US Women’s Open 2012: Yani Tseng all set to battle rivals for major title
Current world number one Yani Tseng, who is set to grace the US Women’s Open 2012, has said that she is in high spirits and will try not to let her nerve overcome her when she comes face to face with rivals in the major battle this week.  
The US Women’s Open 2012 is set to begin from July 5-8, at Blackwolf, with the presence of some of the most battle-hardened LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) stars.
Although the field has plenty of prominent players, Tseng has managed to grab most of the attention due to her unmatched playing style.
Aware of the presence of players like the defending champion So Yeon Ryu of South Korea and American Stacy Lewis, the top-ranked prodigy appears ready for a tough battle.
The match will see Tseng and Lewis collide head-on, as the American has been playing well in the current season.
Lewis, who currently ranks second in the Women’s World Golf Rankings, is seeking to grab the top spot. The number one position has been seized by Tseng for several weeks, and the Taiwanese star looks resolute to further consolidate her ascendency in women’s golf.
Speaking to the media about how she is going to face rivals, Tseng said that she is happy to have an opportunity to play another major event.
She said that she is fully aware of the possible resistance from some players, but she will try to play her natural game, keeping the pressure high on rivals.
The golfing sensation went on to say that hype of the US Women’s Open is incredible, as every player seems to be mesmerised by it.
Dispelling doubts over her performance, the LPGA giant said that she may have played below average in the last two tournaments, but will take the major battle much more seriously.
"It's hard to not think about, because everybody is talking about it. But like I say, I'm not worried about what is my result this week, because (I'm) just going to have fun," said Tseng.
"Every year when I come to the US Open I always feel more nerves and more pressure. When I was 13 my dream was playing the US Open. Now I'm trying to think to win the US Open. It's a very big step for me to think this way”.



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