Wii won't read certain game titles?

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My Nintendo Wii will read Gamecube games fine, but not Wii games. Anyone know why this could be? My Wii games are in much better shape than my son's cube games with not a single scratch on them - also, if I keep taking it out and putting it back in, the game will work.




  1. There are two different computers in there:  one for the gamecube, and one for the wii games.  Ten thousand to one, the wii portion of your console is a brick and it's time to call nintendo.  I've seen the same problem in reverse; it's easy for one of the systems to go bad without the other.

    If you're still in the store's return policy, see what you can do about getting it exchanged for a new console.  Ask them how much of a fuss you have to make in order for them to reserve a console for you when the next shipment comes in, as this will take much less time than the repair/replacement direct from Nintendo.

    If you're out of the return policy, it's time to dust off that warranty information!

  2. That's a little odd, and that's not an issue I've heard of.

    You can try calling Nintendo and explaining the problem. They have pretty good customer service. The Nintendo customer helpline is printed on the back of every Nintendo game manual.

  3. it could be that the motor that moves the laser to the different portion of the disk will not move further than the game cube game's width. But I think it is most likely a software problem. Maybe about the firmware or something.

    you can call nintendo at 1800-255-3700 and ask them. If your wii is still under warranty which should be a year if you didnt register, it and 1 1/4 years if you did register it, you can repair it if it has a problem.

    If your wii doesnt have any warranty on it they still might repair it because I know that many people who have disk read errors repair their systems even when it out of warranty and nintendo still bears the cost. I think its to keep the public happy about the wii otherwise it will get famous that the wii has problems.

    But if they dont agree to repairing it you can continue the method you are using now by putting it in and out again, but I think they charge $90 for out of warranty repairs if you dont want to do that.

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