Does ps3 works on a sd tv or not !!!!!!!!!?

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i am getting a HD tv in Nov but i cant wait that long for a ps3, , right now i have a sd tv , its about 26 inch or may be bigger , it has the composite cable slots , i can plug in mine dvd player , will my ps3 work or i would have to wait until i get a hd tv in nov

if it will work , does the ps3 comes with a composite cables that i can plug in to my sd tv or i have to buy composite cables

please help !




  1. I have a ps3 and have it hooked up on a SD TV the ps3 comes with composite cables

    hope this helps

  2. The PS3 comes with all hook-ups, including composite cables. Component/HDMI cables are sold separately.

    PS3 will work on any SDTV that has the Yellow, Red, and White AV plugins.

  3. yes the ps3 will work with a tv that has standard defintion 480p but it will not look so great when you get a 1080i tv you will see a huge difference in the picture only bad thing i would say is 95 percent of the ps3 games r 720p but they still look good  

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