GameStop believes upcoming prolific titles will improve Wii U sales – Gaming news

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GameStop believes upcoming prolific titles will improve Wii U sales – Gaming news
Nintendo’s next-generation console, the Wii U, may not have gotten off to a perfect start, but GameStop is still confident that it will bounce back once the blockbuster titles hit the stores.
During an interview with GameSpot, the president of the biggest retailers in America Tony Bartel made his stance on Nintendo’s new console quite clear.
Acknowledging the fact that the Wii U had gotten off to a dismal start, he conceded that GameStop is still not counting the console out.
In fact, the retailer is pretty confident that once titles such as Mario Kart, Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Super Smash Bros are released, consumers will have their interest in Nintendo’s new system rekindled.
First-party titles have always played a huge role in determining the fate of a console and with Nintendo unveiling a number of them at the recently held Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, Bartel believes that the console is about to get far
more popular in gamers than it was before.
“They are also launching several games later this year, so we expect to see a lot of interest from consumers as we head into the holidays,” Bartel said.
Earlier this year, GameStop CFO Rob Lloyd had voiced a similar opinion about the Wii U, predicting the sales figure of the console to go higher once the AAA titles start making their way into the market.
Nintendo has relied heavily on its Mario and Zelda franchise for the success of its consoles in the past and from the looks of it, it is again counting on these two series to drive consumer interest.
Nintendo president Satoru Iwata had recently addressed the issue regarding an ordinary performance of Wii U in the market in terms of sales. According to him, relaxed marketing efforts kept the consumers from learning about the new console and what makes
it so special.
With both Sony and Microsoft all set to step into the next-generation space with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One respectively by the end of this year, Nintendo is quickly running out of time to convince consumers that Wii U is worth buying.



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