Why is it ok for a guy to date a younger girl but if i girl dates a younger guy they are considered desperate?

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cause last year i was in 7th grade and was going out with a sisxth grader. haha i dont know why i just did he was cute but everyone one was like oh your so desperate you have to date a sixth grader.blah blah. but like in highschool 11 and 12th graders date freshmen and sophmores. what is the difference? and why does it matter?

oh and then all the like "popular" people can date older or younger people and have nothing said to them.

what do you think?




  1. who cares what other people think..go out and have s*x with whoever you want...

  2. no its nt being desperate

    i wnt out wit a guy 2 yrs younger

    it dsnt matter aslong as u like him

    if ur friends dnt like it n mke fun of u dn dr nt ur tue friends

  3. You shudn't even care. Plus times have changed. U are now just considered a cougar.

  4. In Junior and high a one-two year age difference is no big deal, whether it is older or younger. But once you're out of high school the age gap gets bigger, and it matters less.

  5. if i saw a guy dating a younger girl i wouldn't think anything of just the same as if i saw a girl dating a younger guy. i don't know them so i don't judge and if they love/like each other then who cares.

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