I'm a guy and im really in love with my best mate (female) she seems 2 look @ every 1 but me wht shud i do :(?

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She's only 18 and shes slept with like 8 people her relationships dont last. She always ends up heartbroken and i have to pick up the pieces and i cant stop lykin her although i no 4 sure that shes not interested in me. Am i too nice? i dont exactly fit her "bad boy" type, but what can i do. shes single atm but she slept with someone else at the weekend and tht'll probably turn into another ill fated relationship. should i wait and be there 4 her in the end and try again? how can i be her best friend and lover her at the same time?




  1. well if i were you i would probably tell her that if she is going to keep doing this to herself then she can but that you want nothing apart of it. however if you don't want to do that you could just offer her to be a really good friend but with some very good benefits and then maybe she will she how silly she has been and realize just how great you really are. and if she doesn't jump to that then just jump her and do her, you just need to realize that she is not all that great of a friend, and just let her be the little prostitute that she is.....well good luck...

  2. Forget about her. Most women are attracted to the bad boy type. Yes you are too nice and I recommend you stop associating with her all together. You serve as a shoulder to cry on. Nothing else! You're wasting ur time in hopes that you will one day win her heart. If you want to be successful with women you have to be a Jerk to them. I know its harsh but it's the sad reality of female attraction.

  3. I kinda had the same question, if you want to look at my answers;... Hey you need to explain to her that you like her. Thats all.

  4. let her know you like her

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