Should I respond to ex's email stating he has cancer?

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I was heartbroken by someone I was seeing who I broke things off with and have been avoiding all contact. This morning he wrote he has cancer and wouldn't I reassure him things would be ok. Should I respond? I still feel anger towards him.




  1. tell him that everythings going to be okay but if he wants to get back together with u make sure he has cancer and then the choice is up to u

  2. I think you should respond he needs comfort right now. Even if you are angry you once liked him. I mean try to think of how you would feel in the same shoes.  

  3. just wish him well

  4. Let the past be the past.

    Show him that you care cause he might die :\

  5. you should definatey respond.

    you feel anger now, but how will you feel if he dies and its too late.

    if you care about him you need to let him know.

  6. I think I would respond.  I know it is hard to get over someone but what if he was having problems with his health and that was contributing to the problems you were having in your relationship.  At least respond, see what happens from there.  Good luck!!

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