Why do oil tankers crash so much?

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It seems like they crash 2 or 3 every d**n year. What is their problem? Are they skimping on equipment or is really that hard to keep oil in a massive ship? Have they improved the oil tankers since Valdez?




  1. they want gass prices to go up

  2. Well ask yourself this many planes have fallen out of the sky and crashed....better yet how many vehicle accidents...train derailments...On an Oil tanker is the safest out of comparison of crashes of course...however they do cause alot of damage and cost alot for cleanup...

  3. Honestly, if you compare how many oil tankers there are going in and out of busy channels and how many accidents there are, its rare to have an accident.

    I see probably 4-5 oil tankers a day going in and out of a busy channel, I have yet to see an accident from them.

    They are also not very responsive like a small boat is when you turn it. You have to allow alot of time for them to turn, so they can't swerve their way out of an accident like you might with a small fishing boat.

  4. How many trips are taken by tankers? Compare that to the number of accidents, and you will see that there are few accidents.

  5. the hull design has changed to a double hull boat.  That means there is a hull inside of a hull.  This is so that a if the ship runs aground the tanks will not be punctured.  That is how tankers have been changed since Valdez.  The shipping industry is the safest and most cost effective way of transportation system.  How many car wrecks, train derailments, and big trucks wrecking.  The companies face really big fines when oil spills happen.  Nobody wants an oil spill to happen.  How many tankers of ships have made the trip and nothing has happened.

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