Fuel efficiency of oil tanker?

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I read about the Pershing 80' Yacht in my newspaper, which uses 700Liters/Hour. So I started to wonder what a supertanker or a small tanker uses . Do they use diesel? What's their rate of consumption?




  1. Most large trucks use diesel fuel, as diesel motors produce a lot of torque, and are slightly better on consumption

    I'm afraid I don't know the consumption of diesel in these vehicles.

  2. Never worked on a crude-oil supertanker, but did work on a good sized coastal gasoline tanker. Here's the rough specs--

    585 ft long / 74 ft beam

    12,000 gross tons

    8200 long tons cargo

    Max speed 11 kts

    350 gallons per hour red diesel consumed at 11 kts

    2 x 4600 horsepower

  3. Some supertankers are steam, and some are diesel. Steam is easier to automate and reduce crew members.

    Go to the URL shown below and take a tour of a container ship that has a 74,600 hp diesel engine. The engine uses several tons of fuel a day.

    Also, check out the second URL as it is an engine being built.



  4. Oil tanker?  Man alive... Didn't your mother teach you not to tango with tankers?   (I thought every recreational boater knew that. lol)

    So, while your waiting for someone to give you that answer on such a dull subject as an oil tanker...

    Maybe you can dig into this...  It will certainly put the look of  "WOW!  and AWESOME!" on your face (not near as dull as a tanker - lol)

    This one is the Yacht "Octopus" it belongs not to Bill Gates, but his second in command - Paul Allen - this little baby has a 8,000 mile range at 20 knots on its 254,000 gallon fuel tank. (diesel of course... )

    In addition to two helicopters, ex-Navy Seals as employees, a submarine, - it has some other goodies... worth looking at.

    And if you want to see something really cool - go to the link below, and be sure to download "The Octopus Powerpoint Presentation"

    It has 50 beautiful pictures of this awesome and incredible yacht.

    Happy & Safe Boating!

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