Oil tanker and petrol tanker?

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does anyone know what's the difference between oil tanker and petrol tanker? i was told to find a customer who wants to charter a tanker that can carry petrol, what does the tanker called? isit oil tanker? because i was told that this is not an oil tanker but it can carry petrol.




  1. There are differnet names for the different types of tankers.  Product tankers carry fuel oil and the various fuels, bunker C, heavy oil, Deisel, Gasoline, etc.

    Chemical Tankers carry chemicals - typically have stainless steel tanks, lines,valves.

    So, you would want a product tanker to carry petrol or gasoline or diesel.  Good luck!

  2. Tankers are broken down by principal products carried and size.

    Crude carriers tend to be larger (45,000 ton+), while product tankers range from 45,000 tons to 5,000 tons, sometimes smaller.

    As someone else said here, product carriers carry finished (refined) products in tanks lined with chemically-resistant paint. To a smaller extent, they are also used to carry crude on occasion, and freqently product carriers will carry large volumes of chemicals compatible with their tank lining and/or residue from their last cargo. Product carriers carry gasoline and 'clean' (fully-refined) fuels the majority of the time.

    Barges carry crude, finished cargoes and dirty cargoes, depending on the design and configuration of the barge. They can get quite large (up to 35,000 ton, some now even larger), but tend to be of a smaller, more handy and shallow draught size.

        Petrol has to be carried in a double-hulled vessel or a non-compliant vessel grandfathered in before certain cut-off dates. Without certificates of compliance, petrocargoes may not be carried in unapproved vessels.

    Hope this helps

  3. I don't know any large ship that uses tanks to haul pure gasoline. That would be like sitting an a bomb. oil is very stable, so it can be safely shipped in tankers.  Some ships will transport gas in limited quantities, usually smaller ships that make deliveries to islands and out of the way places where gas isn't available, but again, they do the in smaller quantities in 55 gallon barrels.

  4. An oil tanker carries crude oil. You're looking for a "clean trade" or product tanker. It carries refined products and chemicals.

  5. An oil tanker - often called crude oil tanker (normally the largest tankships) can carry petrol as well. (As long as the tanks are cleaned properly if being previously used for crude oil.)

    However, most often product or chemical tankers are used to carry petrol. These ships typically have more tanks of many different designs when it comes to steel type, coating etc. They can therefore carry all kinds of chemicals and different types of petrol.

    As well, I used to work on a LPG tanker - normally carrying propane and buthane, where we used to carry different types of petrol. Mostly jet fuel for airplanes.

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