Why am I SO boy 'obsessed'?

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I am a 15 year old girl...

I'm home schooled, and have been for many years.

I'm in high-school.

I can't help but scope out boys where ever I go... (mall, around the block, church yourth group...)

I'm NOT looking for 'the "s" word.

I DO look at guys my own age, (NOT older).

HELP!!! Is this normal? Or what???




  1. yes it is, because you dont go to school with them, so they arent as much a part of your everyday life as girls who go to school.

    and you are a teenager.

    go socialize!

  2. And the more you feed those feelings, the stronger they will get.

  3. yes thats normal, I was the same way....

  4. hahah are you being serious?

    of course its normal...!

    I'm 15 too, and boys are like a major part of my life.

    mmmmm boys :D

    also, the 's' word! HAHAHAHAH literally just got have s*x.

  5. chill girl its called puberty

  6. OH YES ~ normal it is!  I use to go for a walk (often) just to see how many guys I could get to honk at me or try to pick me up...what fun!

  7. You are just not used to talking and being around guys.  They are something you want to get to know more. Kinda exciting. I know how you feel.

  8. That's how I feel with girls....

    I look forward to youth groups, and things like that just to look at them, lol....

    I think you should find some homeschool nerds, and outcasts like me, and go out with them ;-)

    But it's normal....

  9. Lol yeah, perfectly normal.

  10. Pretty normal...unavoidable

    What's wrong with looking? Nothing.

  11. I remember when I was 15 years old.  I was also home schooled.  Being homeschooled has it's advantages and disadvantages.  I think the obsession you are currently experiencing is due to the closed environment of being at home.  

    It's important to have lots of outside/social activities when homeschooling.  It's important to associate with a lot of kids your age.

    I think your self-proclaimed obsession with boys is partly because you are homeschooled.  You are probably not around boys enough to get that attention you want from the opposite s*x.  

    At 15, we begin to want attention and acceptance by our peers.  This may be what you are really looking for.  Your hormones have a factor is this as well.  Your body is starting to gear itself for the adult world of relationships.  That's perfectly normal.

    Make lots of friends, and stay smart.  Don't let your obession with boys take control of your life, and don't let your gaurd down over this.

    It's okay to scope out boys.  :)  If you honestly believe it's an obsession, and this obsession is interfering with your quality of life, talk about it with a trusted family member or friend.  Or you can just make lots of friends with boys AND girls.  Remember, boys are just boys.  :)  

    Good luck!

  12. It's perfectly normal to start concentration on boys at your age. I don't believe being homeschooled has anything to do with it. I attended public school and I too was boy crazy.

    It's important that you learn to focus your attention on other things and remember that you can choose your thoughts and try to channel your energy into your studies more. While it's normal to obsess over boys, it's not healthy for you. This too is part of becoming a mature adult.

    Happy Homeschooling!

  13. It's ok...

    you just don't see them at school every day...

    all girls scope out guys every chance they get!


  15. What, you think homeschoolers don't go through puberty?

    If you _weren't_ scoping out guys, you wouldn't be normal.

    Chill out.

  16. Ye of corse it is. Well it's normal for lads to think of girls (thats what i do when i'm in a lesson that i find boaring lmao). What year are you in at school? there's nothing wrong with thinking of lads if your not looking for it! maybe you just like to be sociable, especially with lads.

  17. Sounds normal to me. As long as the obsession doesn't interfere with your school or other parts of your family life then obsess away.

  18. Yes very normal..your in mid puberty right , your hormones are flying. So yes its completely normal. That happened to mee too, now that i am married that all stopped. LIke i dont need to roam around and look for men, i found the love of my life. But that was going on until i found my s.o.s. But becareful you want to stay away w/ the  "trashhy guyz" who dont have much respect for woman and use them. I know that age i did not even know who was trash and who wasnt i just went for ever i though "liked " me lol but yhou'll learn.

  19. Completely normal, it's called being a teenage girl. Actually it's called being a GIRL. I'm 23 and still check out guys everywhere I go. It's normal and natural AND I have a boyfriend that I've been with for 6 years. TRUST ME! : ) I hope to be this way until the day I die. lol

    Just enjoy it as much as possible.

  20. Yes, it's normal, especially if you have been home schooled. You haven't had the exposure to boys that most girls have. You are not abnormal at all. It's just what teenage girls do. Perfectly normal.

  21. Yes sweety it is 100% normal all us girls go through or have been through that...Its your hormones and its driving crazy , its a phase  all us females go through... so love it while you still can, this is your golden age you are still young so live it to the fullest, but please dont let any guy take advantage of you during this time. Personally i think its a vulnerable moment for teen girls so for petes sake lol take care xoGL

  22. Yes it is perfectly normal !! Its called puberty!! All us older y/a users have been there!! Trust me it will settle down a little,as you age!! But thank the LORD it does not totaly go away!!!!

  23. b/c your 15 : D

    and b/c your homeschooled! and b/c your a teenager!!

    youre NOT wierd, this is completely normal!!!

  24. Yes, you are simply looking for friends after being in Homeschool for so long.  Trust me, I went to homeschool as well, and I have a social aversion because of it.  Meet with them, you are just looking for friends, if you think of s*x, then you really need to sort out your priorities.

  25. Your home schooling has curtailed your normal access to

    boys your own age, that was part of the plan.

  26. yeah this is normal

    im scene so i always make a scene whereva i go

    i get girl crazy like whoaaaaaa

    i act weird at times thats just becuz im so scene and im the brother of matthew lush

    besides this question,what are you doing tonight?

  27. Your testosterone may be too high. Help: roots of the burning nettle capsules.

  28. I think when you mature you have new feelings that you tend to focus on because they are new. You could be considering that these new feelings as presenting more problems. I think it could be what Freud said about when people mature and having to adjust their libido with their superego in order to have their desires fulfilled. Which is to say adjusting their self with society, so for instance, instead of becoming a w***e or raping someone, a person goes about changing their lives to conform to values of society to get their desires met.

  29. yes, it's very normal, just remember to ALWAYS use condoms, your life is pretty much over if you are a single teenage mom.

  30. Calm down. Your a boy crazy girl. Most of them are. Me, I was boy crazy ever since i was 5 lol

    It is Totally normal!

    and besides, who wouldn't like looking about boys?..They're so cute sometimes :P

  31. thats normal.... dont worry... a lot of people do that.... i'm also fifteen..... so i could say its normal... read psychology... itll help......

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