Why am I obsessed with makeup?

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I am NOT a girly girl. I just can't resist buying something.. There all so pretty and colourful :( i dunno i just love it!




  1. I am the same way I buy everything. I just feel like I have to try everything. Check out my website at

  2. because your a girl. :) and even though you may not be girly, you may like the way you like with eye liner, lip gloss, eye shadow, etc...

  3. it's makeup it's so fun why not haha;

  4. im just like you, i cant stop buying make up.

    its cause your a girl, all girls should love make up

    as they grow up.

  5. everyone loves makeup cause it fun to wear!

  6. im the same way whenever i go 2 walmart or something i always have 2 go 2 the makeup isle. idk y either.

  7. i think you feel pretty with it  

  8. because you look ugly without it?

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