FIFA World Cup 2010 – Barcelona break their presence record in a FIFA World Cup

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FIFA World Cup 2010 – Barcelona break their presence record in a FIFA World Cup
This FIFA World Cup is beginning to get famous for a lot of the things that have happened till now. The Italians and the French being knocked out of the World Cup during the group stages, along with Miroslav Klose’ almost equalling the goal scoring record of the Brazilian legend, Ronaldo. Moreover, the two sides that have reached the finals have never won a FIFA World Cup in the history of the game. Spaniards have never even qualified for the finals, ever.

There is no doubt about the fact that the Spanish team, at the moment, has Barca written all over it. Barcelona has sent 8 players from their club side to support the international team, Spain. On Wednesday, Spain made history by qualifying for the finals of the FIFA World Cup, for the very first time. However, it cannot go unnoticed that it was with the help of Barcelona players. The Spanish manager, Vincente del Bosque, used seven of the Barcelona players in the starting line-up of the semi final clash against the European giants, Germany. For now, none of the teams in the FIFA World Cup has done anything like this, so far.

No international team has used so many players from the same club in a FIFA World Cup semi final, since 40 years. In the history of the game, it has happened for the third time that a team has played so many players from the same club in a FIFA World Cup semi final. In 1934, Czechoslovakia played a record number of 7 players from the same club which was Slavia Prague and in 1970 a club named Nacional, provided the Uruguayan team with 7 players as well. For now 7 is a record number and Barcelona has been able to achieve it.

If we look into the history of the game, no team has ever started a FIFA World Cup game with more than 7 players except Uruguay and Russia. The Uruguayans in the year 1970 started a match with 8 players from Nacional. On the other hand, USSR, in 1986, played 8 players from their domestic club Dynamo Kiev.

This was not the only time that the Spanish club provided Spain with 7 players. In the world cup of 1994, during the quarter final against Italy, the Spanish team had Zubizarreta, Ferrer, Abelardo, Nadal, Sergi, Goikoetxea and Bakero, in the starting line-up and the Spaniards lost the match 2-1. Later on, Sergi was substituted and Julio Salinas came on; which means a total of 8 players were used back then as well.

At the moment, Spain has played all of Barcelona’s players in the FIFA World Cup, apart from their goalkeeper Victor Valdes. Even in the semi-final against the Germans, Puyol, Pique, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Pedro and Villa, all of them were selected to play except the Barcelona goalkeeper Valdes. Although, David Villa is being considered as a Valencia player by FIFA because he has yet to play for Barcelona as he was signed by the Catalan giants in this summer, to play for them next season.

With so many players from the Spanish club, FC Barcelona; it cannot go unnoticed that the style of play the Spanish side is having at the moment, is very similar to that of the La Liga Champions, Barca. The philosophy of the coach Pep Guardiola can be seen throughout the Spanish style of play at the moment, as they keep good possession of the ball throughout the match and they do not let their opponents keep the ball. Even though they score fewer goals, but since they have the ball more than their opponents, therefore they get more chances on goal, compared to their opponents. For now, only players from Barcelona have scored for the Spanish side. Villa has been on a wonderful run as he has scored 5 goals in the tournament. Iniesta has found the net once and Carlos Puyol scored a header in the semi final to send the Germans home and make his team advance to the final.

For now, Barcelona is dominating the Spanish side; but as long as it is supporting them and is making them win, it is all good. What does the Spanish coach have in-stored for the final of the FIFA World Cup 2010? We can only wait and see how they will come up against the Dutch side.



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