When is the postal strike ending? (UK only)?

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When is the postal strike ending? (UK only)?




  1. Supposed to me yesterday but some are still on strike in the London and Liverpool areas.

  2. it ended tues night.  post was delivered wend.

  3. yesterday

  4. Yesterday. I got post.

  5. God nos!!! there taking the p*ss!!!!! there are now unofficial strikes in london and liverpool atm and they have also planned another strike nxt week monday-friday!!! i say sack em and find people who are willing to do the job!!!!

  6. I got post today!

  7. When the work-shy idiots wake up to the real world, realise that there is no such thing a jobs for life and that striking will drive businesses away from Royal Mail, cuasing less revenue meaning that more redundances will be necessary.

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