Bad removal men? What would you do?

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My friend got a removal company to move her furniture. She specifically told the manager she wanted someone who would dismantle the beds and make them up again on the other side, would disconnect the computer and reconnect it, etc etc. The manager said all this would be done, took her cheque for over £1000 and left his men to it. They weren't so obliging - sat around, complained, and when she insisted they put the beds together, swore about her to each other. They never connected the computer and a few other things. In the end we couldn't wait for them to leave the house because they made us feel so uncomfortable.

She's afraid to complain because the removal men know where she lives. What would you do?




  1. Cancel the cheque IMMEDIATELY.  And report the company to the relevant Ombudsman.

  2. verbal agreements are hard to prove broken in court.

    If it was me I'd go and cause maximum stress to the manager to get a partial refund or threaten them with watchdog

  3. She MUST complain, although if the arrangement was only verbal she doesn't have much of a leg to stand on. It pays to put everything down on paper to save arguments later!

  4. Never pay in advance

    If you are afraid . Do nothing

    But £1000  is a lot of money for a poor service.

    If you are still in time ring the manager and if not satisfied stop the check.

  5. She should get in touch with the manager of the removal company. I would be tempted to stop the cheque until this is resolved.

  6. get my mate boltz to shaft them up the ***!

  7. She has to contact the manager and complain.  She has paid a lot of money for a service that wasn't satisfactory.  As for them knowing where she lives, she knows where they work so it is unlikely they will do anything.

  8. I would complain - you asked for a specific service, and paid accordingly for it.

  9. I'd sue them.

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