Postal strike- UK - is there one today?

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Is there a postal strike today all over the UK?




  1. Yes all day. They advise not post anything until after the weekend

  2. Yes its a pain in the @rse!

  3. Read the newspapers or view the news to know the postal strike in UK.

  4. Yes; it began 7.00 p.m. last night and continues until 7.00 p.m. tonight (13th)

  5. I think so yes...

  6. It was supposed to be Thursday 12/07/07 yesterday BUT I got a mail delivery both at work and at home - some strike LOL

  7. There is no "postal workers" strike as at 16/7. Whether there is a postal strike depends on what dates the CWU have informed the Royal Mail.

    See the following link for the definitive information:

    This is the Royal Mail page giving emergency information about impending industrial action.

    Please note that there IS a postal strike action at all Crown Post Offices in the Post Office Network, on Monday 16th July, between 14.30 and 19.00, and on Thursday 19th July, between 06.00 and 12.00. This action does not affect the 14,000 plus sub-post offices nationwide.

    Royal Mail represent that they will continue to update this website regularly and you can also sign up to receive email updates.

  8. Just had our mail delivered so I guess there is NO strike today in UK

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