What wrong with the EMA ?

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My mum told me she saw something on the news about the EMA money being delayed or something? Where can I read about this and when will i get my £30 per week?

I started sixth form yesterday.






  1. i'm having same problem as you : / started 2 days ago but we have to wait for ema

  2. apparently the application system broke down,so there will be a 2/6 week delay on son's waiting for his as well.he started 6th form on wednesday.

  3. Right let me say this the problem with EMA is that there are technical glitches/problems with their helpline (engaged tones and maybe continuous ringing) and their computer systems (which means that staff has to process applications manually *by themselves*).

    Unfortunately because applications are delayed we might have to wait 2-6 weeks until they might reply back to us about our application.

    I rang EMA yesterday and one of their staff says:

    "We are very sorry but we have suffered to sort out thousands of application forms everyday, but despite the delay you may get a reply back within the end of next week".

  4. My Daughter has been going to a training centre since 1st July, she has only just got her letter to say she can get EMA, but she still has to wait another 2 weeks before it goes into her bank account{, it is backdated you know.}


    Will answer all your questions related to getting these benefits, and if you qualify.

    And from what I understand 'they' (the government) does not have enough money to pay all of the students who are expecting this money at the moment. Not to worry it is supposed to be backtracked, so whatever you don't get now you will receive sometime in the future when this problem is resolved.

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