Is there an age limit to receive the Pell Grant?

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Is there an age limit to receive the Pell Grant?




  1. Nope. No age limit.

    As the previous respondent explained, you can receive a Pell Grant if you attend an eligible higher education program - but there are a few more requirements that she didn't mention:

    1. You have to be an American citizen or eligible non-citizen

    2. You can not be in default on any previous federal financial aid, or owe money for aid that was overpaid to you in the past. (Unless you and the government have agreed to a repayment program)

    3. No agency of the federal government can have a lien against your property for unpaid government obligations (particularly taxes)

    4. You can't be incarcerated

    5. You can't have a conviction for certain drug offenses that occurred while you were receiving previous federal aid

    6. You can't receive a Pell Grant if you already hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent

    7. Once you begin school, you must maintain eligibility for federal financial aid by meeting the satisfactory academic performance standards at your school.

    But no - if you qualify on all of the other criteria, you can be 138 years old, and still receive a Pell Grant!

  2. As long as you are admitted to an accredited higher education institution you should be able to receive a Pell Grant after filing a FAFSA and determining need.  

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