Can i get help with college costs if im on income support?

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Ive recently just left work due to relocation, and im due to start a course in college in two weeks.

Does anyone know if Im elligible to get help with paying for the costs? Im a single mum on income support now, and the enrollment fee is £450, and the legal executive registration fee i also have to play is another £200 on top of 5 exams a year at £35 each, and expensive books.

Does anyone know if income support or anyone else can help at all?





  1. Ask college about their learning support funds schemes as they may be different than other colleges, I don't know about these things so its best to ask your college about it. If you don't qualify for this then your other option would be talking to finance services at your college.

  2. Have you asked at the college about funding. If not I would. Also you can apply for an ILA Individual learning account to pay to some of the costs for courses. Ask as the college also to see if the course you are taking will is elgible for ILA funding

    Good luck.

    PS If it's a full time course you ought to get help part-time not so sure about that.

  3. they sometimes pay for your course but i think you can also get a reduction in the fees and costs due to the fact your on benefits , you may even get the fees squashed totally

    im also a single mum on benefits and just letting u know u may get some idiots responding to your question with nasty remarks telling you to get a job etc , just ignore the wankers lol

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