We don’t fear Italy: Schweinsteiger

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The Bayern Munich midfielder believes Germany are capable of beating any team in the world, and respect their opponents Italy rather than being afraid of them.
Schweinsteiger’s Germany were labelled as the second favourites to lift the Euro 2012 trophy on 1st July in Kiev. Some bookies fancied to go all the way to the final, but the Mannschaft made easy work of
them and handed them a knockout blow.
The Oranje failed to pick up a single point from their Group B fixtures, and could not survive the Group of death. The Mannschaft, on the other hand, eased into semi-finals and will face their old rival Italy.
The Azzurri have won all of their last seven competitive matches against Germany and the times these two sides met was in the 2006 World Cup semi-final where Italy ended DFB eleven’s dream of lifting the trophy on their home soil.
Andre Pirlo, best player of Cesare Prandelli’s side made claims that Die Nationalelf was afraid of his side. joined in the mind games ahead of the much anticipated clash and claimed that he was not sure what
the 33-year old said.
The Bayern Munich player was unaware of what Pirlo said and believed the Juventus man is experienced enough to know what is the appropriate thing to say.  
"I don’t know what Pirlo said or what he meant. He’s an experienced player and knows what he should say,” he is quoted as saying in an interview.
The 27-year old refused to get drawn into the war of words. He however, stated that he respects his opponents and it is vital to have mutual respect when you are playing at this level. He also thinks Italy is great footballing
nation with a rich past.

"The respect is there. If you don’t have any respect, then you are dumb. is a great nation with a great past,” he added.
Schweinsteiger believes his side are now capable of beating the toughest teams in the competition. The Bayern man insists that he repects his opponents but in his opinion his side have every chance of progressing against them and
are not afraid of them at all.
"I think the point has come now where we can beat the next big opponent. There’s big respect, great respect for what they’ve done, but there is no fear," he further added. have every right of being confident, but they should not get complacent because the Italians are capable of counter-attacking quickly.
They have the likes of Di Natale, Balotelli and Cassano who can be a real handful on counter-attacks. 



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