Bower William dominant in the South Cheshire Painter & Decorator Stakes

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Bower William dominant in the South Cheshire Painter & Decorator Stakes 

 Bower William has the best of the credentials for bagging the South Cheshire Painter & Decorator Stakes which will be raced over 480 metres on Thursday, 28th June at Monmore.
Competing for winning the £150 prize money are Tae Milis, Tight Tussle, Cashen Kobori, Start Itup Sweep and Fridays Daryl.
Bower William, Rumble Impact’s two-year-old blue son out of b***h, Droopys Patty, is a lightly raced hound with four races against his name. Three out of four were wins.
The two-year-old won his career debut on 29th May at Belle Vue over 470 metres by concluding the track distance in 28.31 seconds while taking command of the final eleven lengths.
Settling as the runner up was, Maudlin Suarez.
P. Rosney’s trainee then stumbled to a second position in a 500 metres race at Nottingham on 4th June. The race was won by Fabulous Fashion who timed the track distance in 30.73 seconds after missing the chance by 1 ¾ lengths.
Bower William got hold of his second career success on 12th June at Monmore over 480 metres by clocking the track distance in 28.75 seconds and winning by a very slight margin of just half a length.
Finishing the closest after the winner was, Rebellious Style.
His fourth outing of the season was at the same race course and over the similar distance. On 19th June Bower William won the race in 28.67 seconds while leading by two lengths. For a straight second time, qualifying as the runner up was, Rebellious
The two-year-old is on with 7 to 2 odds for striking the debut hat trick.
Fridays Daryl, the 6 to 4 favourite of the race has recently won a race and that too after three drilling sessions. Droopys Scolari’s two-year-old black son out of b***h, Fridays Lee, got trained at Kinsley, Monmore and Belle Vue from 3rd June
to 19th June. The distance over each track was different.
The drilling got him the Betfred ‘Mobile Puppy 480M Trophy’ on 25th June at Nottingham over 480 metres. He made it to the other end of the wire in 29.29 seconds and took charge of the final 1 ¾ lengths.
He can upset the chances of Bower William tonight.
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