Ronnie O’Sullivan did not want to take a break in 2012-13 Snooker Season – Snooker News

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Ronnie O’Sullivan did not want to take a break in 2012-13 Snooker Season – Snooker News
Tussle between the four-time World Snooker Championship winner, England’s Ronnie O’Sullivan and the snooker governing body World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) regarding the Rocket’s entrance in the 2012-13 Snooker Season has embraced
a new shift now. The Wordsley potter now wants to take part in the 2012 Shanghai Masters through a Wild Card entry.
However, the suggestion has been totally rejected and neglected by the WPBSA as the association said in a recent statement that the Wild Cards are only given to the rookies of the host country with the consent of the WPBSA along with the national snooker
governing body of the country and the promoter of the tournament. It has nothing to do with outsiders and besides, the WPBSA only allows Wild Cards in some certain events that commence outside the UK.
O’Sullivan, right after winning the 2012 World Snooker Championship, refused to sign the new season contract saying that he needs to take a break. However, the Englishman has now changed his stance and commented that he did not want any break but he had
to make a choice. He was present at the Telford Town centre playing darts to raise charity for Help for Heroes organisation.
While speaking to the local media, the Shropshirestar, O’Sullivan said, “I did not want to take a break, but things weren’t right and needed to be sorted out. I don’t expect it to be sorted overnight.”
He added, “I was gutted to see the UK Championship move from here because it was always good here. I made so many good friends down here through Telford Running Club and I used to come down here when I wasn’t playing because there’s some really nice runs
in the area, especially around the Wrekin.”
The Rocket spent some time there playing with the darts players James Wade and Simon Whitlock. He threw some arrows for the fund raising campaign and collected £1,240 for the charity organisation. The Englishman was very happy to help the charity and be
among his fans. It will be interesting to see what happens between Ronnie and the WPBSA regarding his participation in the upcoming snooker events.



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