WWE Ranking updates: the Number one contender, John Cena reigns supreme in the Power 25 list

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WWE Ranking updates: the Number one contender, John Cena reigns supreme in the Power 25 list
The Number one contender, John Cena once again captured the place where he is always placed. The Cenation Commander-in-chief captured the top place in the Power 25 list of WWE which was updated by The Academy of Wrestling Arts and Science on September 3.
The Number one contender participated in both weekly segments of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown during last week. Cena teamed with the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus during Monday Night Raw on August 29 and faced the team of the World’s Strongest Man,
Mark Henry and Captain Charisma, Christian. It was the main event of Monday Night Raw segment. The Cenation Commander-in-Chief took the tremendous victory over the most dominant wrestler Mark Henry and Christian by pinning Christian for a three count.
Afterwards, the Champ also appeared during Friday Night SmackDown segment where he faced Wade Barrett. Before facing Barrett, Cena kicked off the Super SmackDown segment with his appearance in the ring first. He discussed about hurting the WWE Champion,
Alberto Del Rio and his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez.
While he was addressing the WWE Universe, Barrett came out and interrupted the Champ. Cena got these words from Barrett before his fight against him, “Get this through your head … you have made my life miserable and I owe you some payback."
The Cenation leader wasted no time in beating Barrett and took a tremendous victory after hitting his signature move “Attitude Adjustment” on Barrett. With both victories, the Academy of Wrestling Arts and Science positioned the Number one contender on the
top of the Power 25 list. Last week, the Champ sat third from fifth place.
Cena captured an amazing victory over the Second City Saviour, CM Punk and became the Number one contender. The Champ will face the WWE Champion, Del Rio in the WWE’s pay-per-view segment, Night of Champions on September 18. The World Heavyweight Champion,
Randy Orton continued his consistent performances to retain his second position this week as well.



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