Italian National Coach of Epee Sandro Cuomo adds Francesca Boscarelli and Brenda Briasco

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Italian National Coach of Epee Sandro Cuomo adds Francesca Boscarelli and Brenda Briasco
A second Pre-World retreat for the National Italian Epee squad started at the Olympic Preparation Centre Coni Formia (Lt). The Italian Head Coach of Epee squad, Sandro Cuomo added Francesca Boscarelli and Brenda Briasco in the training session. The coach
of the Blue Epee squad, Cuomo convened a total of 20 athletes for this training session and it will continue from September 5 to 11.
The head coach, Cuomo said, "It is a retreat that will focus a lot on technique. The first fact has been set on the resumption of business, from the work on this will be quite intense. I mentioned to the boys, who will be a collegial rather heavy in terms
of workload, so much so that I invited them to come prepared an explicitly, but I'm sure each of them already know the importance of this period of preparation for the World Cup. After all, Catania time is now.”
On the platforms of the centre of Formia, the athletes including Andrea Cipriani, Matthew Tagliariol, Diego Confalonieri, Paul Pizzo, Henry Garozzo, Alfredo Rota, Luca Ferraris, Francesco Martinelli, Raphael and Matthew Trager Marzani were already in the
Cuomo further stated that they had received and continued to receive requests from abroad for national joint training and retreats. However, unfortunately they could not say yes to all of the requests. The coach commented that he was convinced of the importance
and necessity of training.
The ten spadiste Francesca Boscarelli, Brenda Briasco, Marta Ferrari, Nathalie Moellhausen, Rossella Fiamingo, Marcia Muroni, Bianca Del Carretto, Mara Navarria, Francesca and Giulia Rizzi Quondamcarlo were convened for further improvement.
The training session will allow the team to improve their overall individual and team performances. It will be interesting to see what impact the intense training session has on the team and the individual fencers as a whole. The team will be looking to
improve and build confidence for the upcoming 2011 Catania World Fencing Championships.
Only time will tell if Coach Cuomo manages to instill some confidence in his team and gets them ready for some tough international fencing competition.



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