Alex Liddi becomes the first Italian-born player to join Major League Baseball in almost 50 years

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Alex Liddi becomes the first Italian-born player to join Major League Baseball in almost 50 years
Alex Liddi has made history today, September 6, 2011. The third base prospect from San Remo, Italy has made the history books by becoming the first Italian since Remo Bertoia to become part of the Major League Baseball franchise Seattle Mariners.
Bertoia joined the franchise in 1962 and now Liddi has come in as another Italian, after almost 50 years. The player was added to the Seattle Mariners’ expanded roster today and that has attracted a lot of buzz from the media.
Liddi is the first Major League Baseball European Academy graduate to play in the top league and he has been looking for an opportunity to impress his peers. The 23-year-old got the call from the Mariners last night and was part of the extended roster that
took on the Los Angeles Angels in Anaheim. The young star has been active in the Pacific Coast League and he was part of the Tacoma Rainiers.
Liddi has hit 30 homers in the league and is ranked third on the top home-runs list. He is ranked fifth on 105 RBIs and he tops the list on runs with 121. The player has been more than impressive in the Minor Leagues and has expressed great interest in making
it big.
"This is my dream come true. For the last six years I've worked for nothing else," he said.
A week ago, when Liddi was asked about a possibility of a call up from the Mariners, he answered positively and explained his appreciation for the move.
“It would be really special. It would be something to be proud of for my family and my country. It would be good for the baseball movement in Italy, to start more kids playing baseball.”
The prospect credits his baseball passion to his parents and grandparents. His father was fond of baseball at the time and brought his love for the game back to Italy. Liddi fell in love with the game and has been working on his skills since. His determination
to play a game that was not well supported by the youth system impresses most Major League players. In Italy, football is the major sport.
“Soccer is still the biggest sport,” he said last week. “But hopefully if we get some Italian players to the big leagues, they will start televising baseball there more. Some of us need to get up there and get publicity for the Italian people, so more kids
start trying to play.”
Whether what Liddi says is true or not, the one thing everyone can count on is that if the prospect fares well in the league, things could get better for baseball in Italy.



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